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Digital behaviour campaign

Fraud fails drew attention to ID behavior


The Danish National Lottery, Tobacco Manufacturers Association in Denmark, Salling Group and COOP


Increased focus on ID behavior among young people

01 Task

Focus on ID behavior

Among persons under the age of 18, one in three has presented themselves with a fake ID or lied about their age. And among people who assess the age of consumers as part of their job, 8 % have been threatened, and 2 % have been exposed to physical violence.

The Danish national lottery, Tobacco Manufacturers Association in Denmark, Salling Group, and COOP wanted an increased focus on the behavior concerning ID cards and to make it more normal and acceptable to ask and be asked about ID.

The companies also wanted young people to get familiar with the Smart ID app as a digital alternative to the physical ID.

02 Solution

Creative tricks

We conducted focus groups with young people and shop assistants to outline all the creative ways young people cheat with ID or lie about their age. We translated the output of the focus groups into several humorous films that were shared on Facebook and Instagram targeting young people.

We also developed materials for kiosks and supermarkets and conducted a national population survey. The survey results were used in direct dialogue with politicians and decision-makers and formed the basis for the PR-efforts.


The videos were viewed 500,000 times on social media

The campaign put ID behavoir on the political agenda

Many supermarkets and kiosks subsequently got more strict control – which can still be seen today

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