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A unique opportunity to delve into Public Affairs

As a student assistant in the Public Affairs team at Holm, you get to go right into the engine room at the intersection of politics and communication. The more you prove, the more responsibility you get. So says former student assistant Anne Louise, who has gained insight into processes and tasks she never dared to dream of before she started. Read more about Anne Louise's time at Holm below. 

Politics and political processes have always interested me, and I had a great desire to apply theory and experience from political science in practice. I succeeded to a large extent through my work at Holm, where I got very close to the processes and communication that take place between the agency clients and their stakeholders.

At Holm, I worked with media monitoring, drafting press releases and stakeholder analyses, and helped to prepare the agency's
clients for meetings with politicians and other relevant organisations.

A culture for development
My learning curve has been steep. I had little knowledge of political advocacy when I joined Holm - in fact, I only knew what I had read about in the books at my university. Therefore, it has been both challenging and exciting to be able to put theory into practice at the agency - and during my time at Holm, I have gained insight into processes and tasks that I had not dared to dream of before I started.

At Holm there are high ceilings and a short way from student assistants to management. In other words, hierarchy is not something you feel. That's why I learned so much in such a short time, because I was able to get my hands dirty and work on a wide range of very exciting tasks.

Opportunity for great responsibility
My skills in stakeholder analysis and management were put to the test, and not least developed, when Holm had to assist Carlsberg with the relaunch of Tuborg Guld. Here I was tasked with mapping relevant stakeholders that Carlsberg needed to engage in dialogue with prior to the relaunch, and to be involved in the subsequent discussions. It made me wiser about the structure of a large Danish company and the two organisations we ended up with.

Being involved all the way from the initial work to the final campaign result is an example of how, with the right effort, you can take on a lot of responsibility.

Towards new challenges
Anne Louise no longer works at Holm, but continues to work in the intersection between communications and politics in the communications department of the Radical Left.

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Christian Guldbrandt Steffensen

Public affairs advisor
+45 28 45 86 89
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Christian is an advisor in Holm's public affairs team, where he advises clients on how to influence political decision-makers and create greater political support. Christian has previously worked at the Conservative People's Party and at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, which has given him a solid foundation for navigating the political landscape. Christian holds a Master's degree in Political Communication and Management from Copenhagen Business School.

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