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A digital campaign

Celebrating 50 years of EU membership


EU Commission


A campaign to express gratitude to Danes for 50 years of EU membership

01 Task

A ‘Thank You’ to the Danish population for their 50 years of EU membership

Denmark's membership of the European Commission does not typically occupy the average Dane’s mind in the everyday life - at least not from a communicative standpoint. When the EU has made headlines in the media, it has often been about cranky cucumbers or dangerous licorice sticks and cinnamon rolls. Given these circumstances, how do you capture the attention of Danes when the European Commission wants to celebrate Denmark's 50 years as a member of the EU?

02 Solution

A campaign that employs ironic distance topokes fun at Danes' prejudices about the EU

While the EU embodies much more than crazy urban legends, we must recognize that the crazy stories about the EU are full of energy and emotion. That is why the campaign ‘EU - 50 years of prosperity and adversity’ centered around Danes’ stereotypes and prejudices about the EU.

We created a series of ironic narratives for the European Commission's social media platforms with satirical explanations to, for instance, why pedigree animals should be phased out from 2028 or why the age limit for buying tobacco should be raised to retirement age. This approach made the comment section go on fire!  

By incorporating clickbait techniques, we created a campaign with a different character and tone than previous EU campaigns. Through irony, sarcasm and dark humor, the European Commission successfully managed to communicate with Danes on an equal footing.


More than 1 million Danes were exposed to the campaign on the European Commission's social media platformsIn total, the posts received 7,000 likes, reactions and comments1,400 Danes commented on the posts across Facebook and InstagramMore than 500 people shared the fake posts on their profilesThe campaign received press coverage in Markedsføring

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