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Branding campaign for the Nordic Council Environment Prize


Nordic Council


Branding campaign for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021

01 Task

Knowledge of the environmental price

The Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers wanted to create a campaign to raise awareness of the environmental prize and show how the prize makes a significant difference to both the winner of the prize and the nominees. 

A desired result was a greater endorsement of the award when the winner of the year was voted in November 2021 as well as an increase in the number of applicants for the prize in 2022.

But how do you create an engaging and creative campaign that draws attention to an award that is awarded across all eight Nordic countries and which at the same time puts sustainability in focus?

02 Solution

A relay for the environment

We launched the Nordic Environmental Relay, which was to travel across the eight Nordic countries, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, and via social media create awareness of the environmental prize, Nordic co-operation and sustainable initiatives in each country. 

It became a project management task; mobilisation of the Nordic region, which through one large network should help to transport the baton around in a sustainable way. The rules were simple: the baton had to be transported as far as you wanted and resources, but was not allowed to strain the climate further than already planned. That is, no flights, trains or car trips had to be booked solely to carry the baton around. 

The campaign unfolded on social media with content that the baton participants themselves had recorded while holding the baton or handing over the baton to the next participant. The recorded content was shared on a dedicated Facebook page as well as the Nordic Council's Instagram profile. In this way, as a viewer, you could continuously follow the baton's journey 'live', and thus an engaging element was added to the campaign.

The winner of the 2013 Environmental Prize Selina Juul rounded out the campaign of November 2nd at the Skuespilhuset, where she presented the prize to the Think Tank CONCITO for the development of the Great Climate Database.


The environmental statue has travelled through all eight countries in total and travelled more than 5,000 kilometres

Over 70 people and companies took part in the environmental event across the nordic region to plan the route, tell about or carry the baton around and together highlight a greener future

Among those involved were presidents, prime ministers, environment ministers, mayors, researchers, environmental organisations, entrepreneurs with sustainable agendas and large established companies leading the green transition

The Environmental Stable has helped mobilise and establish a Nordic network that cuts across all eight Nordic countries

Start-up of brand new Facebook page with an estimated paid reach of 2,000,000

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