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Digital behaviour campaign

Memes fought fireworks accidents


The Danish Safety and Technology Authority


Digital campaign targeting young men

01 Task

Digital behaviour campaign

Young Danish men are more likely than anyone else to be involved in a fireworks accident on New Year's Eve. Each year, around 250 Danes end up in the hospital because of fireworks. Three out of four are men aged 15-35 years. Despite campaigns and raised fingers, it seemed like young men had nearly become immune to traditional communication.

In order to get the young men’s attention, we took a different approach by meeting them in eye level and encouraging them to talk to each other about fireworks safety.

02 Solution

Targeted memes

To convey the important message of wearing safety goggles, we developed a series of memes together with the client. Our memes contained safety messaging and referred to rappers, hip-hop culture, soccer teams, and other pop-cultural phenomena. And we did not hold back in terms of making fun about silly current trends.

To gain trust among the audience, we focused on community management. This included being present in the commentary boxes and making quick, sarcastic comebacks and crude (but loving) reminders about the importance of wearing safety goggles.


Danes watched the campaign

40,000 times content shares, likes and comments

4,500 new followers on the client's Facebook page

3 memes shared by Instagram influencer Anders Hemmingsen (80,000 likes combined)

10 percent less serious fireworks injuries than the previous year

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