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From project manager to partner: 10 years at Holm Kommunikation

For 10 years, Holm Kommunikation has benefited from Christian Top Marchant. From his early days as a graduate project manager, he is now a partner and advisor to a wide range of clients clients, ranging from government agencies to international companies and industries such as IT, mobility and pharmaceuticals.

Christian's drive and interest in a wide range of topics has a huge impact on the daily life of Holm Kommunikation - and our clients. Asked about the biggest changes he has seen, he highlights the increasing speed and fragmentation of the media. This means that companies increasingly need to collaborate across communication disciplines - and that they need to be able to react at lightning speed when the unexpected happens.

"You often see stories of companies saying one thing on their own platforms, while opposing narratives emerge, driven by disgruntled clients, for example. This means that companies need to have close and effective interaction across the whole business - from sales and marketing to the communications director, so that there is consistency between the company's self-image and the way the outside world perceives them."

It is often critical consumers who can challenge companies' own narratives, and this can cost legitimacy and credibility:

"The end user usually doesn't care if they meet a clerk, a SoMe post or a press release. If there is no consistency in what they encounter, it can undermine the company's credibility and position in the market. As an advisor, it's both fun and challenging to help our clients communicate clearly and credibly - both to tell the good stories and if they encounter criticism."

Founder and partner Morten Holm says about Christian "I have met very few people with the same customer focus as Christian. He has a natural understanding of clients' everyday lives and their business, which means that with precision, plenty of commitment and the ability to challenge in the right places, he is able to deliver high quality advice on a daily basis for the benefit of our clients."

Congratulations on your anniversary, Christian 💙 We look forward to the next many years with you as Holmer!

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