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The internship in Holm has awakened my interest in project management

As an intern at Holm Kommunikation , you really get to try your hand at different aspects of project management. It's great to have responsibility and run your own small projects. The internship at Holm has undoubtedly given me the drive to work more with project management. 

At Holm, a normal working day often consists of working with many different clients, where new tasks can arise out of the blue. You therefore need to be focused to navigate to navigate the various tasks that come your way during the day. On the other hand, I have learned a lot from working in a changing, dynamic environment like Holm. An environment that I actually thrive in. 

During my time as an intern, I have been involved in many types of assignments. I've worked on influencer marketing for some of our consumerclients businesses, written press releases, been in contact with journalists and researched several areas from sports to automotive. As an intern at Holm, you gain a lot of new knowledge and become incredibly sharp at classic and creative PR work. 

Opportunity to run own projects 

At Holm, it is very important that students and interns are allowed to take on a lot of responsibility if they want to. For example, together with one of the other interns, I was allowed to develop a concept from start to finish for one of our exciting clients. The whole process was super fun; from idea to conceptualization - and of course getting to pitch to the client, who loved the idea. 

Holm believes in you and your abilities, and therefore you also have great opportunities to start your own projects. It's super instructive to be allowed to get out into deep water and, for example, be responsible for contact with the customer, who naturally has high expectations of the work Holm delivers. But you grow with the task, and there is plenty of competent sparring to be had from the consultants, who always have a good piece of advice to give out. 

The wind can still blow in all directions

Although my time at Holm has shown me that I find project management and concept development fun, I can still look like a big question mark when people ask: "So what would you like to do, Nanna?". My answer is still doubtful, but I now know that I get a huge drive from being part of diverse projects in a bouncy environment. Indeed, my time at Holm has helped to show that, where they allowed us to jump into new projects with both feet. It's a learning experience and personal insight that I value enormously.

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Esben Berg Nielsen

+45 26 36 81 22
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Esben advices a number of our IT and tech clients. Esben holds a degree in communication from the University of Copenhagen and has a bachelor in Danish. He is also a co-owner of gallery VESS in Vesterbro.

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