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When education and practice go hand in hand

Few students are quite sure which path their career will take. We are bombarded with theories and methods in our education, and sometimes one thing catches us more than another. But it's only when we test ourselves and our services in the real world of business that we have the chance to find our direction.

My stay in Holm really made me aware of which direction was mine, explains Emma, a former student at Holm Kommunikation.

In my daily work at Holm, I supported the consultants with a lot of different tasks - everything from writing and analysis tasks, pitching stories to journalists to preparing presentations for clients etc. The consultants were great to spar with and you really got to soak up their skills. 

It has been enormously rewarding to learn from scratch how PR and strategic communications work in the real world. One thing is what we as students learn on a daily basis and how we can theoretically defend something in exams. But another thing is how reality behaves outside the books. The knowledge I have acquired during my studies has only become valuable after I joined Holm.

PR from A-Z

I learned the whole PR process from A-Z; getting a news story from a client, writing and adapting the press release to the appropriate Danish media, pitching the press release to relevant journalists and finally informing the client about the media coverage of the story. It's a hands-on process you can't learn on the school bench. 

An important part of the team 

During my time at Holm my learning curve was constantly upwards. I was really challenged from day one when I was thrown into coordinating a large project. Looking back, I'm super honoured that the confidence in my work was there from the start, and that's generally also a hallmark of Holm; you're an important part of the team, where we pull together.

Even if you are new to the game, you are respected and seen at eye level with the consultants, which is a huge motivating factor. I was really allowed to get involved myself with writing press releases, contacting journalists and pitching stories, and not least having contact with clients myself and sitting in on meetings, workshops and presentations for clients. Holmer students are given a huge amount of responsibility, which stems from the immediate trust in our work and services.

I came to Holm with a great desire to explore my services and challenge my notions of myself - and I have certainly become clearer about what I want. At Holm I learned a lot - both about PR work in practice and about myself personally - and I have taken that with me. 

A new journey

Holm was a place where I learned an infinite amount. Professionally, practically and personally. My time at Holm also proved to be an important stepping stone for my subsequent journey, and I still use the tools I was given extensively. 

Today I work for Emilie Lilja, where I act as a right hand and help on a lot of exciting projects. The experience I gained at Holm, including influencer marketing, equipped me to try my hand at an unpredictable and creative industry, and has been an important stepping stone for me on my journey. 

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